Table Call System

Less Waiting - Better Communication - More Efficient

Don't make customers wait for staff to check up on them before they want to order another drink. Our call button lets them tell you.
Don't let hot food sit out waiting to be picked up, or iced drinks melt away. A server can be notified right when it's ready, so the guest receives it fresh.
Avoid servers running back and forth between tables and the kitchen needlessly. When the food or drinks are ready, they'll be paged.

1 - Call Button

When a customer needs an extra drink, the bill, or just has a question, they can use our server paging system. Each call button has two keys which allow the guest to call their server. When they press the green key, it tells the server they need something or have a question. The blue key tells the server they would like the check.


2 - Palm Remotes

Palm remotes for our server paging system will be placed in the kitchen, bar, and host stand areas. When food or drinks are ready, the staff enters the number of the table which ordered it. The server for that table is notified, and can deliver the order to guests quickly and efficiently. When the host stand enters the table number, it informs the server that a new table is being seated.


3 - Server Pager

Each server will have a waterproof pager watch, with an easy to read OLED screen. When food or drink is ready, the pager will vibrate, and display either “Bar” or “Kitchen”. When a guest needs them, the display will read either “Table #_” or “Check #_” so they know where to go and why. To deactivate the call button, the server simply presses the red cancel key.




3 - Manager Paging

If the manager is needed to a certain part of the restaurant, each station with a palm remote may call them by using the “99” code. This will send a message to the manager pager, informing them that they are needed, for example, in the “Kitchen”.



Table Call Button

3 - Group Messages

Send messages to the entire team, or just the manager. Preset messages, such as “86 special” or “Good Morning” can be created, otherwise original messages can be typed and sent at any time.




6 - Insight (Optional)

If more adaptable conditions are required, a pc paging system can be integrated with the host. With this option, messages can be sent from multiple computers, tablets or mobile devices.  



What's Included?


Call Button with 3 Keys

One call button per table.

Product Details

Charger for Guest Pagers

2 of 2 stand is suggested per call button.                                   .

Product Details

Palm Remote

One palm remote per kitchen, bar, and/or host stand.                                                           .

Product Details


Call Button Stand

1 of 2 stand is suggested per call button.

Product Details

Waterproof Watch Pager

One watch pager per server.                                   .

Product Details


One beeper per manager.

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