Staff Pager

Better Communication - More Efficient - Customer Service

Don't let hot food sit out waiting to be picked up, or iced drinks melt away. A server can be notified right when it's ready, so the guest receives it fresh.
Avoid servers running back and forth between tables and the kitchen needlessly. When the food or drinks are ready, they'll be paged.
The host stand can inform a server where a new table is being seated, so that they might meet customers there, making them feel welcome.

1 - Staff Pager

Each staff member will have a waterproof pager watch or beeper, with an easy to read OLED screen. When food or drink is ready, the pager will vibrate, and display either “Bar” or “Kitchen” informing them where they should be. A separate manager pager can be called, in case of extra assistance.


2 - Preset and Custom Messages

Our server paging host allows for many messages to be sent to server pagers. Preset messages can be created, or specific messages can be made on the spot such as “No More Salmon” or “Happy Hour Starts”. Just type in the number of the pager, and either the preset message number or type out the new message.


What's Included?



One beeper per staff member.

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Waterproof Watch Pagers

One charger for up to 15 guest pagers.

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Host for Pagers

One host per office.

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