Office Paging System

Improve Communication - Improve Service - Increase Efficiency

Increase communication between members of the staff. Better communication means more efficiency, means more profits.
Let your staff respond to concerns and questions faster, making potential customers happy, and allowing them to return to work more quickly.
Save the time of calling an employee, or looking around the building for them. Let them come to you, and know they're needed wherever they are.

1 - Staff Pager

Messages such as “Customer is Here” or “Phone Call on Line 2” can be easily read anywhere with our pager’s OLED screen. The vibration is quiet, allowing for a discreet but efficient communication.


2 - Preset and Custom Messages

Our office paging host allows for many messages to be sent to staff members, no matter where they are in the building. Preset messages can be created, or specific messages can be made on the spot. Just type in the number of the pager, and either the preset message number or type out the new message..



PC Paging

3 - PC (Paging Optional)

A more versatile option for our office paging system lets staff send messages to the pagers from any computer, tablet or mobile device.


What's Included?



One beeper per staff member.

Product Details

Waterproof Watch Pagers

One charger for up to 15 guest pagers.

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Host for Pagers

One host per office.

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