Guest Pager

Increase Services - Decrease Wait Time - Increase sales

Increase customer service with our guest paging system. Let them relax, and not be listening for their name or number.
Reduce time waiting for customers to hear you call for them. Once they feel the pager vibrate, they'll come right away.
By decreasing wait time, our guest pagers can increase productivity. Happy customers are more likely to return next time.

1 - Guest Pager

When a customer has to wait for their food, hand them one of our guest pagers. When their order is ready, it will vibrate and light up; then they simply return it to the counter.


2 - Host for Pagers

After handing a guest one of our pagers, they can take it almost anywhere (most likely within the building). When their order is available for pickup, you simply enter the number of the pager, and the customer is notified. When they return the pager, simply place it on the charger, and it will reset. 


What's Included?


Guest Pager

One pager per dock, or for each expected truck at any given time.

Product Details

Charger for Guest Pagers

One charger for up to 15 guest pagers.                                   .

Product Details

Host for Pagers

One host per office.                                                           .

Product Details


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