Guest Pager System

Keep track of waiting guests easier with our guest pager system with waitlist.

Reduce Wait Time

Reduce customer wait time, and increase customer service with our guest pagers. Customers respond quicker to pagers than name or number calling.

Easy To Use

The waitlist function of our guest paging system is simple. Scan the pager, and type in the party number. This adds them to an organized list.

Silent Operation

Avoid disrupting the atmosphere of the restaurant with needless calling out for guests. Our pagers are quiet and discreet.


How It Works

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Guest Pagers

1 - Guest Pager

When a customer has to wait for a table, hand them one of our guest pagers. When their table is ready, it will vibrate and light up; then they simply return it to the host stand before they are seated.


Host For Pagers

2 - Host For Pagers

After handing a guest one of our pagers, they can take it almost anywhere (most likely within the building). When their table is ready, find them on our digital waitlist, and notify them. When they bring the pager back, scan it past the host, and it will reset; then simply place it on the charger.  


3 - Digital Waitlist

When handing a pager to a guest, first scan it past the host. A prompt will appear where you may enter the party number. This will automatically place the pager in a digital waitlist, which lists them in the order of arrival, and displays the party number. This makes finding the next available table easier, and makes things simpler for the host or hostess.  



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